Remote access and backup on Android phones by Soonr

Soonr today announced the launch of a native Android application that lets mobile users access and interact on files that have been stored through the Soonr Active Backup platform. The application is free on the Android Market with expanded offerings of the linked service available from the Soonr website.

The Soonr Active Backup platform automatically maintains the latest versions of all your key documents in a secure offsite facility. Users are not required to remember to upload files every time they change. Active backup means files can be retrieved immediately when needed and are always ready to help get work done.

Documents are beautifully rendered and accessing and viewing is amazingly fast since the online service only sends portions of the document as requested. All of these capabilities are available, even when host computers are sleeping or powered off.

Basic versions of Soonr for the PC or Mac are free and include 2GB of storage space. The new Soonr Android application can be downloaded from the Android Application marketplace, delivered as a white label service.


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