Real-Time Search on Android with Taptu Application

Taptu has launched an Android app, providing users with search results that are optimized for viewing on Android phones.

* Android users now have the ability to quickly and easily discover new touch-friendly content in an easy-to-use interface, including web content, images and the freshest, most buzzed-about realtime content delivered through OneRiot’s API.

* This is the first release of Taptu’s Android app and a light application utilizing the platform’s browser; additional capabilities such as sharing onto Twitter and Facebook and market app searching will be available in the next version along with improved app functionality

* Search the Touch Friendly Web: Taptu’s Android app allows users to search through millions of touch-friendly sites for the latest news, blogs, images and realtime buzz

* Android-Friendly Results: Taptu’s Android app provides results that are optimized for viewing on a touch interface phone, which eliminates the hassle of resizing, pinching and refocusing sites.

* Stay up-to-date with the latest buzz: Taptu’s home page presents people with the hot topics trending on the realtime social web– providing a great way to keep up with the latest buzz when you’re on-the-go.

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