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Netronix developing Android based E-Book readers

According to Digitimes, Network equipment maker Netronix is currently cooperating with Texas Instruments (TI) to develop e-book readers on the Android platform and expects shipments to top one million units in 2010.

These e-book readers will be the second devices after Barnes & Nobles Nook to be running on Android. As Nook arrival gets delayed again and again due to huge demand and the legal issues with Spring Design, we expect Netronix will keep in mind the demand curve, so that it also does not get in the same problem.

The Android-based e-book readers will be able to interoperate with Android-powered handsets or other embedded devices,” said the company chairman Arthur Lu in a statement.

Additionally, Netronix plans to incorporate 3G or 3.5G modules into e-book readers, transforming the digital reading devices also into personal communications devices, said Lu, who also expects Netronix will be able to roll out 3G/3.5G enabled e-book readers in mid-2010.

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