Netdroid – The Android Browser To Watch Out For

If you are bored with the default Android browser which comes inbuilt in your Android device, there is a third party browser which is waiting to be installed on your phone.

Netdroid, as the name suggests is a intenet browser for Android O, well it comes with some interesting features. The main feature of the browser is motion-sensing scrolling. Basically, you can scroll through a Web page by just tilting your phone. Honestly, that is a lot more convenient – and a heck of a lot cooler – than running one’s finger up and down the screen.

Another plus for NetDroid is the little matter of tabs – Netdroid can support up to five of them, with the option to open a link in a new tab if you press it long enough.

And after all, its free, so by the time you wait for Firefox Mobile, jist head over to Android Market and give Netdroid a try.

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