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Lenovo's Android Netbook coming to AT&T early next yr

Meet the Snapdragon powered Lenovo Android Netbook. Yes, it was unofficialy unvieled by Qualcomm and spotted by guys.

Wow, this is really getting bigger, it is the second Android based Netbook after Acer’s dual OS Aspire Netbook which came with Android OS and Windows XP.

The smartbook is powered by Qualcomm’s 1Ghz Snapdragon chipset. The chipmaker said this will launch on AT&T’s network at the start of next year.

Looks like AT&T is joining Android party in a big way, after hearing Motorola Motus coming to AT&T, this is the second Android device to hit AT&T.

According to, the Lenovo smartbook will offer up to eight hours of battery life, as well as always-on connectivity via 3G, Wi-Fi and other radios (Bluetooth, we assume).

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