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Is Droid a success? 250,000 Units and rolling…

‘Droiddoes’ has indeed ‘done’ it. The results are before us now. While the weekend estimate were around 100,000 unites, the full week estimates shows us a more promising picture of 250,000 units. Android has surely some a long way.

Google and Motorola’s works has paid off. The gamble has worked.
The company behind the study – Flurry – believes there’s reason to think it’s a “strong result.” Flurry says that there was a 94% jump in Android project starts during October – not a hard stat to believe when you consider the long line of Android-related announcements we’ve seen in recent weeks.

The bottom line seems to be that Droid has legitimized Android as a platform, and early numbers suggest the Droid handset is likely a winner for Motorola and Verizon.

Via Flurry

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