HTC Sync upgrade (V2.0.8) for HTC Magic, Hero, Tattoo now available

An updated HTC Sync is now available for HTC Magic, Hero& Tattoo customers to download.

New in 2.0.8 are media features that allow you sync your contact pictures with their contact information, your phone time with your computer’s time and vice versa, and automatic syncing on plug-in which helps you eliminate a few steps.

Installation Instructions

1. Click Download below to download “HTC Sync.exe” to your PC.

2. Run “HTC Sync.exe” to install it to your PC.(Suggestion: Please close all running programs and temporarily exit your anti-virus program when you install the HTC Sync)

3. From your PC, launch HTC Sync, and use the USB cable to connect your phone to the PC (if the phone is not connected to the PC there will be a sync failure).

4. On your phone, check Notifications on the status bar for the icon to confirm if HTC Sync recognizes the phone.

5. The first time you synchronize the phone, the Synchronization Settings Wizard will start automatically to help you set up HTC Sync. (If the Synchronization Settings Wizard does not start, click Synchronize Now on the HTC Sync screen.)

After the first time, to start syncing your phone to your computer, pull down the notifications bar on the phone and tap “Synchronize your phone with Windows” to connect to the PC

6. On your PC, Follow the instructions to finish the wizard.on the HTC Sync screen.

Improved Functions

1. This update for HTC Sync provides more connectivity between your HTC Phone and PC. Still providing synchronization between your Outlook and your HTC Phone, we’ve added in media enhancements, syncing your contacts pictures along with their contact information.

2. Syncing now also syncs your HTC Phone’s time with your PC’s time and vice versa, providing the most accurate time for you, wherever, or whenever, you are.

3. Sync your phone with ease. Just plug in your HTC phone to your PC using a Mini (Or Micro) USB cable and watch as HTC Sync displays your model name and starts to sync your information for you.

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