Another Android comes out of the blue – Saygus V Phone – V1

This is really a news. Most of us, I bet none of us would have heard of this cell phone manufacturer: Saygus. Saygus has come up with a decent Android based device, which is coming to Verizon in the near future.
Following are some of its specifications, which shows that it is a real nice buy.

– 800×480 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen;
– 624 MHz Marvell processor (PXA 310);
– 512 ROM / 256 RAM;
– 5 MP AF camera with flash;
– Front facing camera for video calling;
– GPS;
– accelerometer;
– compass;
– FM radio;
– USB;
– MicroSD up to 32GB;
– WiFi;

– Bluetooth;
– 1500 mAh battery

For Full Specifications Click on the Image.

Via Saygus

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