Acer releases Android Snapdragon powered Liquid A1

Acer, one of the giants in the computer industry, has just unveiled the world’s first Android-run Snapdragon Smartphone that can easily lay claim to being the most powerful mobile phone on the planet to date – the Acer Liquid A1. The reputation created comes from the use of the Android 1.6 (donut) platform that gets powered by an equally powerful Qualcomm 8250 CPU nicknamed Snapdragon.


Announced just in mid-October, expect the Acer Liquid A1 to arrive by November in time for holiday shopping.

Acer is giving consumers a choice of body cover colors, black, white or red to further complement its sleek fluid body that has been ergonomically shaped to look exceptionally trendy while being comfortable in your palm. There’s still no pricing information, but expect it to be within the usual affordable pricing of Acer.

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