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Sony Ericsson's Android wondergirl 'Rachel' launching on November 3

It’s getting bigger and bigger for Android, After Verizon’s Droiddoes, HTC’s YOU, it is time for Sony Ericsson’s “Whats Next” campaign. Android is surely grabbing headlines.

We have got some confirmations about the alleged launch of Android based Rachel on Nov 3. First of these comes in the form of Rachel “Whats Next” website. Teaser site is now online.

Second hint comes in the form of Twitter status update by Sony Ericsson SA. which states 3 Nov is revealing date for Project Rachel.

Third confirmation is the part of first, source code of the teaser website says the following which makes us believe that this is indeed for Android based Rachel.

This Android based device has been in the news for the past few months owing to its impressive specs and UI. The phone boasts of a 4-inch touchscreen.


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