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Nook: New eBook Reader from Barnes & Noble

Expected Release: November 30, 2009

Nook is an electronic book reader developed by Barnes & Noble, based on the Android mobile platform. This eBook Reader was announced in the United States on October 20, 2009, and is expected to be released by November 30, 2009 for US $259. The nook will compete with the Amazon Kindle and other readers, and will include Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G wireless connectivity, a six inch E-Ink display, and a separate, smaller color touchscreen that serves as the primary input device.

Manufacturer          Barnes & Noble
Release date           October 20, 2009
Introductory price   US$259
Operating system    Android
Power                        rechargeable, replaceable battery
Storage capacity      2GB internal storage
MicroSD expansion up to 16Gb.
Display                     600 x 800 pixel, 6 inch
E Ink display and a 3.5 inch 480 x 144 pixel color control display
Input                        color touchscreen, left/right paging buttons.
Connectivity           AT&T 3G 802.11b/g Wi-Fi

nook:The Device

The centerpiece of Barnes & Noble`s strategy to deliver any book, any time,
anywhere, nook was created expressly with the reader in mind, with features and
functionality to create an immersive, seamless and fun experience:

* A Gripping Read, by Design
nook`s sleek, minimalist design puts the focus on the content, not the
technology, and the combination of color and touch make navigation intuitive and
simple. nook feels great in hand and features a contoured, easy-to-hold back.
About the size and weight of a paperback book, nook is thin, small and portable.
Its best-in-class E Ink Vizplex™ display is easy on the eyes with text as clear
and crisp as a printed book. And with no glare or backlight and adjustable text
size, you can read comfortably for hours without straining your eyes.

* Color Touch for Easy Navigation
The beautiful lower color touch screen offers an immersive experience, inviting
you to virtually browse through brilliant cover art, flip through an expansive
library, or search using a virtual keyboard. nook presents the controls,
navigation and keyboard you need, only when you need them.

* Download eBooks Wirelessly
With fast 3G wireless and Wi-Fi access, nook is the most-connected eBook reader.
Browse and instantly download eBooks, magazines and newspapers simply and
seamlessly on AT&T`s 3G wireless network, the nation`s fastest, with no set-up
required or additional wireless costs. Connect to the complimentary Wi-Fi,
provided by the AT&T Wi-Fi network, in Barnes & Noble stores and download at
broadband fast speeds.

* Lend eBooks to Friends
With nook`s breakthrough LendMe™ technology, lend a wide selection of eBooks to
friends free of charge, for up to 14 days at a time. Just choose the book you
want to share and send it to your friend`s nook or iPhone, iPod touch, select
BlackBerry® and Motorola smartphones, PC or Mac® with Barnes & Noble eReader

* A Continuous Reading Experience
With “Reading Now,” your virtual bookmark, nook brings you back to the last book
you`ve read, right where you left off. And it works across a range of devices.
If you forgot your nook at home, Barnes & Noble`s free eReader software on your
iPhone, select BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones or laptop lets you pick up
where you left off, including annotations. And when you`re reunited with your
nook again, the Reading Now page will be updated and ready to go.

* A Wealth of Content, in the Palm of Your Hand
nook can hold up to 1,500 eBooks and other printed content, and the sky`s the
limit for your digital library when you use nook`s expandable memory slot. A
16GB MicroSD card holds up to 17,500 eBooks.

* Portability and Personalization
You can also easily transfer PDF-format documents from your computer to access
and read business documents, legal contracts and travel information on your
nook. And transfer your photos to create custom screensavers.

* Protect Your nook in Style
nook comes with a removable back cover you can personalize from a selection of
four additional great colors. You can also choose from a range of accessories by
renowned designers kate spade new york, Jack Spade, Jonathan Adler, Tahari and
others. From classic and colorful portfolios to an innovative book light, Barnes
& Noble will offer stylish and elegant accessories designed exclusively for nook
both in stores and online.

Over One Million eBooks, Newspapers and Magazines

As part of nook`s introduction, Barnes & Noble has further expanded its wide
selection of content to satisfy every reader.

* Expanded eBookstore
From fiction to horror and romance to thrillers, with the launch of nook, Barnes
& Noble`s eBookstore now offers the most eBook titles – over one million – with
most bestsellers and new releases for just $9.99.

* Your Daily Newspapers on nook
Read your “morning paper” any time, anywhere you go. Barnes & Noble now offers
subscriptions to more than 20 newspapers, including The New York Times, The Wall
Street Journal, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. Barnes & Noble
expects to offer, in digital form, subscriptions to every major U.S. daily.

* Read Your Favorite Magazines
As the nation`s secon
d largest retailer of magazines, Barnes & Noble is now
pleased to offer its customers digital subscriptions. Enjoy reading publications
including Forbes, Newsweek and The Nation on your nook, at home or on the go.

Experience nook at Your Local Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble`s nationwide network of stores enables its customers to see nook
and get hands-on demonstrations from its booksellers. Furthermore, nook owners
get added benefits.

* Stunning Retail Displays
Barnes & Noble has created stunning storefront displays for nook that begin
rolling out tomorrow in its highest-volume stores including 17 College
bookstores such as DePaul University, Harvard University, Southern Methodist
University, University of Pennsylvania and Washington State University. nook
will be on display at its fully staffed customer service centers in every

* Dedicated Booksellers
Barnes & Noble`s 40,000 booksellers are ready to help customers get the most of
their nook e-reading experience, demonstrate the eReader applications on other
devices, and assist and support purchases, browsing and downloads in-store.

* Free Complete eBook Browsing
Customers will also be able to browse complete eBooks for free on nook at any
Barnes & Noble store, whether or not the actual book is in stock, beginning
later this year. Plus settle into the café and get exclusive in-store-only
content, free eBooks, special offers and much more using Barnes & Noble`s
complimentary Wi-Fi, provided by the AT&T Wi-Fi network.

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