Motorola may dump Windows Mobile for Android

Like Sony Ericsson, who made it more or less clear that it’s no longer interested in Windows Mobile (or rather, the Windows Phone) platform, Motorola, once big time partner of Microsoft, too seems to have given up on the Mobile Operating System.

The beleaguered manufacturer, which is limping back to normalcy after a torrid year seems to be looking forward to its Android based devices to bail them out of the quagmire it was once in. While Sony Ericsson does have at least one Windows Mobile 6.5 device, the Xperia X2, in its arsenal, Motorola seems to have ditched the OS completely with no Windows Mobile 6.5 based devices in sight at least in the near future.

There is no word if this abstinence will continue once Windows Mobile 7 arrives later this year. Sony Ericsson, on the other hand, seems to have given up on Windows Mobile 7 already with the company not really interested in the platform any more.

As of now, Motorola seems to be very interested in devoting its resources to develop its MOTOBLUR based UI running atop Android on the recently released Cliq. Apart from the Cliq, Motorola is expected to announce quite a few Android based handsets very soon with the high-end Sholes being one of them.

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