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Is Google finally planning a gPhone?

‘gPhone’ can reach markets by this year end

HTC and Qualcomm partnering Google for this phone

gPhone‘ is in news again, This time the news is from India. As speculations suggest that the firm is considering launching own-brand of Android-based phones. As per earlier reported by us, this phone, which is made with the help of HTC can be called ‘HTC Passion‘.The speculations are claimed by Ashok Kumar, analyst Northeast Securities and he says the phone maybe launched by this year-end.

Kumar says Google plans to keep the handset unlocked unlike iPhone. HTC and Qualcomm are speculated to be partnering Google for this initiative.

According to a report in Chinese-language Commercial Times on September 15, “HTC is likely to cooperate with Google again to roll out the next-generation Google phone, the Passion, in the fourth quarter.”

When Google had launched Android last year it was widely believed that it will do so by launching its own handset branded as gPhone. But this was not the case to be.

So, it becomes apparent that Google is indeed bringing an Android powered “GooglePhone.”

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