DroidDoes campaign setting stage for Google Phone aka HTC Passion?

So, We have getting information in bits. but everything seems to be pointing in the same direction. Just yesterday, we heard the news that Droid Eris is the second Android phone coming to Verizon and Droid is the common name for all the phones hitting Verizon shelves.

Moto Droid or the first phone in Droid series which is coming from Motorola confirms the existence of Android 2.0 and similarly Droid Eris which is coming from HTC, will also come with 2.0.HTC logo

Well the question here is “HTC Passion” or the so called Google Phone, a part of this Droid series and coming to Verizon, and various reports have confirmed that HTC Passion is indeed coming to Verizon.

Well YES, I seriously think that’s right, for the first time, we are seeing a serious Android promotion campaign and Google will never think of launching a phone with its name on it and not having an ‘iPhone killer promotion’ before the launch.

Well “Droid Does” has set the stage for “gPhone” launch and the first two phones launches in the form of Droid and Droid Eris will show us the real powers of Android 2.0.

Coming to the hardware, the rumour mill suggests that its coming with Qualcomm Chipset and if it is Qualcomm then, it will be Snapdragon, Google will not settle for anything less than Snapdragon. And we also know that HTC Passion in running on Snapdragon.

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