Android QSB can search everything now

The new addition to Android is called the Quick Search Box, or QSB. It sits on the home screen of your phone, but it does so much more. It auto-suggests keywords as you type and can search through your phone’s apps and content,QSB is linked to a full range Google web search options.

QSB also includes the microphone icon, which links you to voice search. You can search for contacts, pictures, and more.

When you start typing in the Android Quick Search Box, you’ll notice that it not only pulls up apps and contacts, but that it pulls web content.

On of the most compelling features of QSB for the Andoid is that third-party developers can include suggestions in search, letting outside information from any apps make into searchable content. So if the app is built with QSB support, QSB will index the content in the app and it will show up in the box. For example, you could search a Twitter app for Tweets.

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