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Android now reaches the warzone

Surely Google would have never thought that Android would hit this sector. The American company Rytheon, which deals with development and production of products for defense, has opted Android for one of their latest solutions.

Raytheon Android Tactical System or RATS will allow soldiers in Afghanistan to mark the other team members in order to identify them more easily.

They will also be able to track their location on the map in real time and even to obtain footage of the place in which they are located.

Using Android software tools, Raytheon ( RTN – news – people ) engineers built a basic application for military personnel that combines maps with a buddy list. Raytheon calls the entire framework the Raytheon Android Tactical System, or RATS for short. Mark Bigham, a vice president of business development in Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems unit, says the company selected Android because its open-source nature made developing applications easy.

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