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Alpha 680 Android Netbook pictures revealed

After rumors of several Android Netbooks, we finally got the glimpse of one real Andriod Netbook in flesh. Although Google is coming with Chrome OS exclusive for Netbooks for the time being before hitting the real PC market but various manufacturers are still sticking to Android for their Netbook plans.
According to French website “Le Journal du Geek”

Translated Text from French:

Netbooks as Android starting to get seriously … Airis Yesterday we presented the first model entirely in the Google OS! Appointed Alpha680 (code name), it is a netbook for the Chinese brand Skytone, which can become as touch pad is equipped with a rotary resistive touch screen 7 “, and two ports USB and SD slot. Unfortunately no information on its processor or its capacity. Still in beta, the device was not really stable, but Android got off pretty well.

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