Ustream’s Video Broadcasting app lands in Android Market

Android is getting another application that gives it functionality iPhone users can only gaze at longingly. This time, it’s Ustream, a mobile streaming application that lets you broadcast video directly from your phone. The application is available on the Android Market.

Broadcast live to your Ustream Show from your Android phone with the Ustream Broadcaster Application. With variable connection environments, settings within the application optimize your streams based on conditions. Chat live with your community, and send status updates to Twitter and Ustream.

CEO John Ham says that one key differentiator for the new Ustream app is the way it handles latency. While competitors can build up a ‘lag time’ over the course of an extended broadcast, Ham says that Ustream uses a low latency connection and optimization both client and server side to keep this to a minimum — in other words, the lag doesn’t build up.

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