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Sprint to launch First 4G Android phone in 2010?

Imagine a great looking, Tegra-based, Android smartphone, running on WiMAX. Flawless audio & video streaming, OnLive/OTOY games, …

Well, that can become a reality in 2010 as Sprint is working on a WiMAX-enabled smartphone that will support both 4G and 3G connectivity. Just as current CDMA mobile phones switch switch between 1xRTT and EV-DO, the new handset will manage WiMAX and EV-DO signals in a similar manner, reports BGR.

According to industry analysts, that the smartphone will sun on Android with Samsung as the manufacturer supplying the necessary hardware.
As we all know, Sprint and Clearwire are slowly pushing forward on their ever expanding 4G network and this rumored 4G/3G smartphone will reportedly launch when Clearwire reaches the 100 million subscriber mark in the US, a goal expected to be achieved towards the end of 2010.

This WiMax-connected device will run three or five times faster than the 3G-connected iPhone (on a good day), and will feature a bunch of apps that fully exploit that speed (imagine watching high-def, no-latency SlingBox video on your smartphone), says PC World.

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