Samsung Galaxy to bring Android Market in India

Several Android users felt cheated after they bought the HTC Magic in India (the first Android-powered smartphone to be launched in India.) It lacked a number of features including access to Google’s Android Market and Google applications like Search, Maps and more. When we tried to contact Airtel, which released the Magic in the country, to find the reasons, they did not bother to even reply our e-mails.

For any Android user, the inability to buy or get free Android applications is a total loss and HTC has done nothing to give any respite to the Magic users in India. The smartphone still remain sans-Android Market.

However, there is some good news. The Android users who have been waiting for an Android phone, which will bring Google experience and Android Market support to India, will have something to cheer.

Samsung has revealed that its new Galaxy smartphone is going to be the first Android phone to bring Android Market support and Google applications to India.

During the recent Samsung Jet Bloggers Meet, the Samsung Galaxy product description pamphlet shared among the bloggers, clearly mentioned the Android Market support and integrated Google Applications.

So, now we just have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy launch.

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