HTC Hero to be Sprint's first Android Phone

Sprint has officially announced that HTC Hero will be its first Android phone. This announcement has first come from Sprint Developer Website then from a press release.

The Develpoer Website says: Announcing the HTC Hero, which will be the first Android device running on the Sprint network.

By the end of September, the Sprint developer program will deploy an Android development section that will highlight some resources, value added services applicable to all android developers. FYI, you start developing now by downloading the Android 1.5 SDK

Register to attend our upcoming 2009 Open Developer Conference, where Sprint and our ecosystem partners including HTC will be talking Android:
– Technical overview sessions on Oct 26
– Android hands on coding labs the evening of Oct 26

Oh, BTW we have some BIG announcements coming by the end of the month that will be of great interest to all android developers…we promise it won’t disappoint.

The HTC Hero will cost $179.99 with a two-year contract and after $150 in rebates when it goes on sale Oct. 11. That’s a slightly lower price than Sprint’s other flagship smart phones, the Palm Pre and BlackBerry Tour 9630, which both cost $199 after rebates.
The GSM version of the Hero, available from some European carriers, includes Adobe Flash in the Web browser, but we couldn’t find anything about Flash on Sprint’s press release or fact sheet.]

via phandroid and PCMag

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