Facebook Official app lands in Android Market

So, Android finally has a Official Facebook application. You can download it free from Android Market today.

Although the Fan page of this application on Facebook says this is not developed by Facebook, this app has been developed by Facebook developers only.

Here are a few Android specific features, however: “The ability to place a Facebook widget on the home screen of the phone, to quickly read the latest status updates … receive notifications when you get a Facebook message, a friend invite or event invitations … quick and easy access to the phone numbers of your friends on Facebook, and allows you to give them a call with just one-click by using the Android’s Live Folders.”

To get the most from Facebook on your phone:

* Place the Facebook widget and Facebook Phonebook Live Folder on your home screen
* Press MENU for more features
* Touch and hold items to open a menu of shortcuts
* Upload and share from the Camera, Gallery and Browser
* Customize a ringtone for Facebook notifications
* Shake the phone to refresh feeds

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