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Download 'Android 1.6' aka 'Donut' SDK now

Its official, Android Donut SDK is out. Android Developers Blog announced in a blog post the availability of Android 1.6 or Donut SDK availability. This blog post also clearly mentions the arrival of Android 1.6 based devices by October.

Android 1.6 now features framework-level support for different screen sizes, such as QVGA and WVGA, CDMA-based networks, like Sprint in the US and VPN (Virtual Private Network) via L2TP and IPSec. A new battery usage screen shows users exactly which programs and services are consuming battery power and the camera application now launches much faster.

If you are interested to see some highlights of Android 1.6, check out the video below.

New User Features

  • Quick Search Box for Android
  • New Camera/Camcorder UI
  • Battery usage indicator
  • Android Market Updates


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