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Android powered 'Gaming Device' leaked

So, Android is going places and the next stop in this journey is a mobile Gaming Console, which is being called ‘ODroid’.  Slashgear noticed the ODROID floating around the blogosphere. It’s built around the same high-speed CPU as the iPhone 3GS (600MHz Samsung S5PC100 ARM Cortex A8), and also comes with 2 GB of storage, a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen at 320×480 resolution, Bluetooth, wi-fi, SDHC card slot, accelerometer and an HDMI connector capable of 720p video output.

While it lacks the wireless connectivity, positioning it more as competition for the iPod touch than the iPhone. Judging by the button layout the ODROID can be used in landscape or portrait orientation, presumably to ensure it is compatible with all the games and applications on the Android Marketplace.

via PocketGamer

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