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Android Market 1.6 is coming soon

Finally the update for Android Market is coming, according to Google, it is set to unveil a redesigned Android Market 1.6, with several changes the the interface and layout. Users will be able to easily explore the top paid apps, top free apps and new additions to the store. Navigating to an app page will show screenshot previews, along with reviews from other users.

Although there is no final release date still but we hope it will be soon.

In addition to adding screenshots, generally the store looks more up-to-date.

White is used as the standard background instead of the darker black background found today. Google also added four new sub-categories: sports, health, themes, and comics. And within a category, there are now three options for browsing, “top paid,” “top free,” and “just in.” The store has also been opened up to application developers in Italy, who can now sell their goods in any supported country.

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