PPT and PDF support in 'Document to Go'

Android users can work more efficiently and easily with the recent “Documents to Go” update that provides PDF and PowerPoint viewing and also enhancements to the existing Word and Excel document viewing and editing features.

With Dataviz’s “Documents To Go”, users can download, open, save and send attachments effortlessly. They can also access the files which are stored on expansion cards with the built-in file browser. Security
is also offered owing to the password-protected files. The update presents the latest PDF To Go via which users can view important reference materials. They can avail of page viewing, word wrapping, auto-rotate, bookmarks, search, select and copy text, and more.

The application features Slideshow To Go that facilitates users to ‘flick’ through slides, review notes, rehearse timing and even make last minute modifications to presentations easily. With Live Folder, they can access recently used documents swiftly. The app also offers scrolling, panning, navigating and editing options for optimized rendering on a small screen. Documents To Go is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages. The application also supports Office 2007 file formats.

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