Open Gesture Pro now available via Android Market

Android community has reason to cheer, along with Amazon Android application, another good Android application has been released. It is Open Gesture Pro.
Open Gesture Pro, is a shortcut-friendly home screen app that offers users the possibility to launch shortcuts for common applications and settings through different gestures.

Open Gesture Pro offers support for a wide range of gestures as well as user-defined actions to open contacts, apps, files, or bookmarks. According to the Google Android Blog, users can easily launch Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other capabilities, and the app also offers them the possibility to use the gesture feature across the Android. The video below shows a few of the capabilities the app delivers.

Some of the features the Open Gesture Pro comes with towards Android users include:
– Create and define gestures – Users can create a gesture for a variety of shortcuts and edit or delete them.
– Device Health – Swipe down and see an update about available memory, battery level, and SD card space
– Built-in toggle support – Swipe up to quickly edit GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibrate, Fast Bright, Volume Control, or Airplane mode settings.
– Multiple screens – Open Gesture has five screens that can be browsed horizontally.
– Theme support – Open Gesture can load themes designed for Open Home and aHome.

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