Motorola bringing secret Android weapon "Blur"

Motorola is gearing up to jump in Android arena with some really smart initiatives one of these is a secret weapon is similar to mobile cloud computing/webOS ands is called ‘Blur.’


Barclays Capital analyst Jeff Kvaal believes Motorola’s software, which is known as “Blur,” moves one step beyond Palm’s Synergy by integrating functionality from a network operations center, or NOC. In telecom, NOCs work something like large data centers. In Blur’s case, the software would gather updates from multiple e-mail accounts and social networking sites and then push them onto a user’s device via a NOC, says Kvaal. The NOC allows Blur to operate without hogging bandwidth or draining phone batteries, he adds.

Motorola likely developed the complex system with the help of engineers who previously worked at its Good Technology division, says Kvaal. Motorola acquired Good–a maker of push technology for mobile devices–in 2007 and sold it to mobile e-mail provider Visto in February 2009.

If Push technology is what they are betting on, they will be mightily disappointed. It is out there, and people don’t really care for it. I will like to know if my son got injured on the field, b

Avian Securities analyst Matthew Thornton says Motorola has been talking up the technology to developers. “Everyone’s vying for developer talent, so Motorola is saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got a push function,'” says Thornton.

Kvaal calls the idea “conceptually quite clever.” He expects Motorola to offer Blur as an option to carriers and limit it, at least initially, to its high-end Android phones. Motorola said Thursday morning that it will launch two Android handsets in the fourth quarter in the U.S. and, possibly, in some markets in Europe, Latin America and China. Additional Android devices will follow in the first quarter of 2010.

Motorola has not commented publicly about Blur but has said that its Android phones will differentiate themselves through social-networking features. During the company’s second-quarter earnings call Thursday morning, Jha added that Motorola has created “a service for personalized, shareable, end-to-end experiences” for its Android phones related to social messaging and media.

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BGR’s Report:

Motorola Blur combine all personal contacts and social networking sites into a clean and easy to use interface. While it’s nice to know Moto is going to be throwing a skin on top of Android, what’s more interesting is the next part.

The skin/OS is named “Blur” by Motorola and will be heavily web-connected. All Android devices will be able to upgrade different sections of the OS and interface all over the air. There’s been something mentioned about a device key that’s attached to your email and passwords for your social networking accounts. What this presumably does is let all the content be pushed right to the device from the web which includes updates and actual upgrades.

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