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HTC Sense UI on HTC Magic now

Get the HTC Hero aka Sense UI look on you HTC Magic now.

Those who have been impressed by HTC’s Sense UI that is used by the HTC Hero, you might want to know that HTC has announced the availability of the same for the slightly lower-priced and under spec-ed HTC Magic.

Now, when we say under spec-ed, it s pertinent to note that apart from the UI, the 5-megapixel camera and the 3.5mm jack on the Hero, the Magic almost matches the former on the features front. Additionally, if you are the adventurous kind it is always possible for you to install the Sense UI through unofficial channels. What we do not know now is whether this official update will be free or not. Considering it is Android OS, it should be. But then, the Sense UI is HTC’s proprietary material and we will need clarification on how they are implementing this update. As of now we have reasons to believe that *some* Magics will get this free of cost.

UPDATE: SENSE UI is coming to Magic in October

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