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HTC Hero on Sprint; Confirmed!

So, Its official now, HTC Hero will also hit the stores on Sprint with CDMA compatibility.

We know of precisely two types of radios going into Heros (or would that be Heroes?) so far: the 900 / 2100MHz 3G for global use that everyone’s using so far, and an 850 / 1900 version for North America that the FCC’s had the pleasure of using. Well, you know how FCC labs work — they get to play with all the toys before anyone else does — and now they’re checking out another version of HTC’s latest and greatest Android device with CDMA / EV-DO. This lends near-infinite credibility to the buzz that Sprint’s signed up to launch the phone this fall, presumably around the same time it drops the InstinctQ from Samsung, at which point it’ll have both the QWERTY and full-touch Android angles covered. Options are good, are they not?

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