Wikipedia releases mobile site for Android

Wikipedia MobileThe Wikimedia foundation today announced that is releasing its new Wikipedia mobile site for smartphone users. The mobile version currently supports various operating systems and mobile browsers including Android.

“After spending about 6 months in alpha-beta-development-maybe-kind-live mode, we have recently moved Wikipedia Mobile over to a new fast and sexy server. With this new server, we’ve reached the point in development where we can call this baby “launched”,” Wikimedia’s Hampton Catlin wrote in a blog post.

The new Wikipedia mobile app provides a smartphone optimized experience to the readers of this free encyclopedia.

According to Wikimedia, only German and English version of the site are currently available as a pat of this mobile site, but they will be adding more in the coming weeks.

How to use Wikipedia mobile?

Normally, if you open any Wikipedia link on your Android smartphone, it will be automatically redirected to the mobile version. You can also go to to direct access the mobile  version.

You can optionally choose to view the desktop version of Wikipedia by clicking on “View this page on main Wikipedia” on any of the mobile page of the site.

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