Sybase Announces Support for Android

Sybase iAnywhere today announced a new version of its iAnywhere Blue SDK (Software Developer Kit), which will help developers and product managers incorporate Bluetooth capabilities into Android devices.

With the underlying Bluetooth functionality running on a Linux based 2.6.x kernel, the Sybase iAnywhere Blue SDK provides necessary application layer support for developers to effectively add increased wireless flexibility to the rich Android framework.

Android developers gain the following benefits of using up-to-date profiles on Sybase iAnywhere’s qualified Bluetooth compliant v2.1 +EDR stack:

  • Rich functionality through a flexible architecture that eliminates lock-in with a specific Bluetooth chip vendor
  • Faster time-to-market and increased return-on-investment by reducing development costs and testing cycles
  • Proven expertise from Sybase iAnywhere’s extensive experience working in wireless networking protocols and through hundreds of design wins representing tens of millions of enabled products in the market
  • Business-to-Business Technical support and full product documentation enable easy integration into the Android framework
  • Loyal, longstanding and large customer base of OEMs that ensure the highest quality code is written to specification with industry proven reliability, functionality and portability

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