Skip long IVR calling menus using Fonolo for Android app

Are you frustrated of waiting and listening to IVR calling systems and want to jump the queue. Fonolo has come with a really interesting Android application which lets you, dial directly to over 500 N A companies with just few clicks.

With Fonolo, callers can navigate a company’s phone menu visually and reach any point in that menu with a simple click. Fonolo then rings the user’s phone and connects the two parties. Fonolo continues to expand its directory, which now includes 500 North American companies.

You can Deep Dial directly from Android-powered mobile phones, using the “Fonolo for Android” application.Deep Dialing allows users to skip dreaded phone menus (also known as IVR systems) and get to the right person or department, ending the aggravation of “Press one for this, press two for that.” Fonolo’s free consumer service is now even more powerful.

Today’s release adds features such as call recording, “Quick Tones” and Deep Dialing access to more than 500 companies.

Update*: Call Recording and Quick Tones are only available in Web app, not in Android app.

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