Sherpa mobile application available in Android market

Google has made the new apps packaged with the myTouch 3G available on the Android Market. This includes the highly regarded “Sherpa” application and T-Mobile Visual Voicemail – 2 applications that are bound to find room on plenty of home screens.
The “Sherpa” application is being touted as a major selling point of the now-officially announced T-Mobile USA myTouch phone. Sherpa learns a user’s activities and provides nearby establishments that may interest him or her. For instance, someone who frequently searches for places to buy music would be alerted about a nearby record store. The same concept would apply to people who enjoy Indian food, comic book fans, fashion addicts, and several other points in between.

Sherpa is an Android location-aware search tool exclusive* to T-Mobile USA similar to other Android GPS-friendly apps. Each point of interest app will need a hook to separate itself from the pack, and the “learning” feature fits the bill.

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