Run Android on your PC now

For those of you wanting to get a taste of Android OS without buying one of those Android devices, here we are, Few guys have developed a hack to run Android on x86 based devices. This hack can be burned to a CD and used easily.

The new LiveCD will allow people to get a look at Android before it hits the shelves inside a netbook.

The version was reportedly ported form an Asus Eee 701 netbook that was running Android. The software is said to be easy to install as well with users only needing to grab the ISO file, burn it to a CD and boot with the CD they made for install.

With a LiveCD, there’s no need to install the OS, so you can test-drive the software without writing it to your system’s hard disk. The LiveCD can also run under virtualisation such as VirtualBox or VMware or the other thing by the Vole.

More About Live Android

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