Road Exchange Sync for Android Syncs calenders

It has been a while since the first beta of DataViz Road Sync for Android released. With this application you can push mail on your Android device from a Microsoft Exchange server. Gradually there are more functions, such as support for synchronizing calendars. It is unfortunate that Google Android has not taken into account to synchronize Exchange data. But that creates both opportunities for external developers, who earn their bread. Road Sync 5B is the first beta version that lets you synchronize the calendar with Android.

Actually there is not really in sync, because Road Sync currently supports only the downloading of events from the server to the phone. Synchronization in two directions is not an issue. You can set up appointments on your phone up, but that will not be synchronized with the server (they will not be erased). You can receive meeting requests and accept or reject.

Road Sync offers a simple view with a daily, weekly, monthly and agenda view. All previously introduced features, such as push-mail, attachments and synchronize contacts are of course still present. To use you Android 1.5 to Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 required.
During the beta period Road Sync for Android free to use.

via Planet Android

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