Motorola wooing Android Developers

According to Forbes, Motorola is actively seeking to recruit Android developers, with staffers in its Motodev developer program reaching out to the Android community. The company staff has been reportedly reaching to the dev community using podcasts and meet-ups.

Motorola confirmed the same in an interview with Forbes and stated that it might some of standout applications made by these developers in its upcoming Android phones.

“After partnering with MOTODEV, developers will be able to distribute their apps through a variety of channels, including Google’s Android Market, carrier stores, third party distributors and direct sales, Christy Wyatt, the company’s vice president of software platforms, told Forbes.

Wyatt added that Motorola can help developers with its portfolio of Android smartphones and global distribution.

Motorola does not seem to be alone in the race of woo developers, even telecom operators like T-Mobile are trying to attract developer talent don’t seem to got a lot of success.

There is no word right now on how many developers the company has been able to attract until now but it does claim that million of developers are already involved via its broader Motodev network.

In the meantime, blogosphere is abuzz with rumours of Motorola’s upcoming smartphones like Calgary and Morisson.

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