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LG's Android Phone details discovered

NieuweMobiel.NL have uncovered some details of LG’s GW620, one of its first Android powered smartphones. The XML file they found on one of LG’s websites has a lot of information in it, but mostly about things we’re not too concerned with (or assume would be there).

Interestingly, the handset has also been spotted previously by Cellpassion at the WiFi Alliance, where it went by the name of the LG Eve. They had no other details – at the time it was unknown that the Eve was to be an Android device – but its presence on a testing site does indicate that the GW620 may be close to release.

The important stuff is as follows:

* 320 x 480 pixel (half-VGA) display (assumed to be touchscreen)
* UMTS/HSDPA 3G support (no bands listed)
* QWERTY keyboard
* SyncML support

via Android Authority and Slash Gear

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