File Browsing and Syncing in Android with SugarSync

Sharpcast, Inc. today launched SugarSync, the leading digital life management service, on the Android platform. The SugarSync application for Android will be the first service to allow users of the platform to access all of their files on any of their computers directly from their mobile phones or netbooks, as well as the ability to browse local files on netbooks and mobile phones. SugarSync is the only broad file synchronization, sharing and back-up application currently available on the Android platform.

SugarSync feature highlights for Android mobile phones include:

— Ability to retrieve and view files from any computer in users’
SugarSync account
— Browse and upload local files on netbooks
— Ability to send files and share folders directly from the phone
— Ability to view folders shared with users from their phone
— Ability to upload mobile photos from phone to SugarSync account and to
view all photos stored in SugarSync account directly from mobile device

Download the SugarSync Android Application

To download the SugarSync application for Android visit the Android Market on your phone and search for “SugarSync”. Click on Install and then log in or sign up for a free 2 GB account.

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