Dual display HIGHSCREEN PP5420 set for Russia launch

The HIGHSCREEN PP5420 is a new Android smartphone headed for the Russian market. Well. whats new in this: It has not one, not three, but TWO touchscreens.

The HIGHSCREEN PP5420 from Vobis Computer is an attempt to answer the age-old question, “what’s better than a phone with a big screen?”. Vobis’ answer? “A phone with a big screen, and a littler screen underneath.”

Intended for the Russian smartphone market, the HIGHSCREEN PP5420’s unique selling point is a small, auxiliary touch screen beneath the main pne, which serves as a sort of ‘mousepad’ and extra display. The secondary screen is an OLED job and we aren’t exactly sure what would be displayed on it – some kind of caller ID, maybe? Or soft controls – little picture of a joystick for games, etc.

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