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Dell working on Android-powered MID?

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Wall Street Journal is reporting that Dell is working on an Android-powered device that will allow consumers to access internet on the go.  The publication claims that the device might go on sale later this year.

According to WSJ, two people who have seen this Dell device noted that it is slightly larger than Apple’s iPod Touch.

“The development effort is one of the first experiments by a big-name PC maker in a nascent category of products known as mobile Internet devices, or MIDs,which are designed to fill a perceived gap between mobile phones and laptop computers,” notes Justin Scheck.

Said not to be the long anticipated Dell smartphone, this Dell device will only allows users to surf the web or access application rather than making calls.

There is no word on pricing or availability at this time but Dell is reportedly planning to see it via telecom operators in the United States.

Dell has declined to comment on the rumour but given the fact that we are going to see smart device revolution in the coming years, it is not too far fetched that the PC giant to trying to get ready for the future.


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