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Create mobile applications using Android, Scala, & Eclipse

Android OS provides a powerful, open platform for mobile development. It leverages the power of the Java programming language and the Eclipse tools platform.

Now, you can add the Scala programming language to that mix. In this article, see how you can use Scala as the primary development language on Android, allowing you to write mobile applications using a more-expressive, but also more type-safe, programming language.

In this article, we will create a mobile application that will run on any Android device. You will need to install the Android SDK; Android V1.5 SDK was used here. The application code will be written in the Scala programming language.

If you have never seen Scala before, that is OK because the Scala code will be explained. However, it is recommended that you are at least familiar with the Java language if you are not familiar with Scala. Scala V2.7.5 was used to develop the code in this article. For Android and Scala, there are excellent Eclipse plug-ins available. Eclipse V3.4.2 was used, along with Android Development Tools (ADT) V0.9.1 and V2.7.5 of the Scala IDE plug-in.

Check out the whole Article here.

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