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Archos Android tablet to launch in Sep

Archos has announced that it will be bringing its Archos Android internet tablet to market on the 15th September. What’s special about the Archos Android internet tablet? Well, it’ll be the first Android device of its type, that’s what, which makes it a little special. Check out all the details on the Archos Android internet tablet after the jump…

Last month Archos announced its Windows 7 Internet Tablet (image shown) but it seems the company isn’t content with just one device. The Archos Android internet tablet is a device that promises to be one of the first connected devices in the UK to sport the new operating system. Archos hasn’t released too many details about the device other than the OS but it is believed to come with a 5-inch touchscreen display and offer full internet connectivity using HSUPA.

It will support full screen web browsing, Adobe Flash and Flash video, TV Recording and may well pack in a 500GB hard drive. Archos is claiming a battery life of up to 7 hours for the Android internet tablet, so it’ll come with an embedded CPU.

Pricing and fuller details will be announced closer to the launch date of 15th September.

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