Another Motorola Morrison pic confirms Android existence

Motorola Morrison came first in news during June and the picture which we got to see, showed Moto Morrison model in White and Blue colour.

At that time we reported:

After the Motorola Calgary and the Motorola Ironman, here we have the third Moto phone rumored to run on Android: Motorola Morrison (most likely, this is just a codename).

According to TmoToday, Motorola Morrison will be launched by T-Mobile USA in the fourth quarter of 2009, during the holiday season, for a price that’s currently not known.

Thanks to a tipster at Phandroid, we have got to see another picture of Motorola Morrison.

Unlike the last picture of the Morrison, we can clearly see that Android is the OS.

Notice this blue beauty is emblazoned with the Motorola and T-Mobile logos, leaving no questions where it came from and where its going. This time around we can make out 3 distinct hardware buttons which previously were unidentifiable due to the white background – now Android makes a lot more sense. The buttons are (1) back, (2) home and (3) call/menu/action/something. It’ll be interesting to see how that last button with the 4 boxes functions considering the needs for “Call” and “Menu” both need to be addressed, unless done somehow or somewhere else.

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