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"Android 2.0" aka Donut makes debut

Google has come up with a new code for Android Donut and it sounds too good to be true. People at XDA Developers are reporting it has system-wide multitouch, universal search, text-to-speech, automated backups, a new camera app, and somehow, supposedly better performance.

Also intriguing is CDMA support–as in the kind of network that Sprint runs.
The code is a (highly unstable) early version of the final product which is codenamed “Donut”, and is released so developers can test and build applications for it.

More About New Features:
1. Android Search – A universal search tool a little like Google Desktop Search that allows you to search your phone and the web from the place.

2. System-wide Multitouch:
that includes gesture support. This allows you to draw a ‘G’ on screen instead of scrolling through all your contacts to find names with ‘G’.: According to Gizmodo’s recent report, Android 2.0 might not have multitouch capabilities at all.

3. Text-to-speech support
which allows Google Voice to be integrated to your gPhone

4. CDMA support.
Despite CDMA being an anachronistic platform, the fact that it’s still the biggest network in America means Google needs to be able to support phones running on this technology from carriers such as Sprint and Verizon.

5. Automated backups

6. A new camera app

7. Better performance

The Donut build is actively being ported to current handsets, with a (very crashy) version available for the G1 handset already.
via Gizmodo

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